This is an extended page of the Until Dawn "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


Trey “Sterotypical Teen” Tanner – “Whoa! A brand new horror gameski for my PS 4 quadruple balling? Most def! I’ll take a break from the Black Ops III beta, and try this out! Come on, fellow teens, who’s with me? Let’s totally munch down on some doritos and mountain dew and go ape!”
— Part one
Sandra "Cliche" Sanderson - "OMG! Like, those totally hunky Matt & Pat guys are continuing to play this horror game, huh? FUCK YEA! I hope they don't accidentally kill me by throwing an axe in my face! That would like, totally suck, like...balls!"
— Part two
Chad "Derivative" Davidson - "Whoa dudes! Things are certainly HEATING UP in the cabin! It's just DRIPPING with erotic possibilities! I hope Matt makes the right choices, or one of us will get SEXILED!"
— Part three
Cindy "Token" Tominson - "So, I was about to get naked and take a bath, but then I heard some like, weird noises coming from in the closet! So I called out someone's name and no one answered! So then like, I decided to get naked anyway! YEAH! BEING A TEEN RULES! XOXOX!"
— Part four
Alex "Asinine" McDonaldson - "Stand back, chumps! I'm busting in with my muscles and my no brains to bash this killer's head in! HUHNN! Ooops! That was my girlfriend's head! Honest misktake!"
— Part five
Kimmy "Easily Killable" Kerrington - "Um, you guys go that way and stay together, I'm gonna investigate this stabby noise I keep hearing echoing up from the basement. I dunno, it might be a cat trapped in a washing machine or something!"
— Part six
George "Canon Fodder" Gordinson - "Gee guys, I dunno! All this unprotected sex and alcohol can only lead to trouble! I think if we just wander outside and call for help, we should be fine! Also, please don't use my tiny child-like frame to throw at the killer like I'm a projectile....AGAIN!"
— Part seven
Rikki "Clueless" Cantebury - "My dress is soaked in my own best friend's blood and goo, I lost my phone inside that well of screaming voices, and I broke a nail! CAN THIS DAY GET ANY WORSE?"
— Part eight
Danny "Dumb Bell" Sexton - "Hey ladies! If you want to get hot n' greasy with ol' Danny Easy, you've come to the right place! Just give me a second to take off my Joe Boxer boxers....URK! Oh! How about that, there's a spear sticking out of my abs! Well, this is a problem, but I can still go all night, baby!"
— Part nine
Damien "Suspicious" Salisbury - "See, I think all you guys should all separate into small groups, and poke your heads into completely opposite ends of the house, so you can cover more ground that way. Oh me? I'm gonna go check out the tool shed that has lots of chainsaws and hatchets...for...reasons."
— Part ten
Kimber "Passive Aggressive" Palmer - "Yeah, so why don't you do that? Just you guys can go over to the guest house and find out what happened to the rest of friends. While I stay here, and wait for myself to get killed. Not like you guys give a shit about me anyhow."
— Part eleven
Tanya "Tenacious" Timmins - "I'm tired of this CRAP! That killer is going down! I'm gonna take this power drill and totally wreck his shit! Watch! OOPS! OMG! I'm so sorry Sandra! I thought you were the killer! Oh well, live and learn!"
— Part twelve
Ted "Overprotective" Offerman - "Babe, don't worry, I won't let the killer get near you, smell you, or even SEE YOU. In fact, I won't let ANY OF THESE CHUCKLEFUCKS SEE YOU! STAY AWAY FROM MY GIRL, ASSHOLES!"
— Part thirteen
Monique "Mumbling" Morrison - "I dunno...mrmmbr...I think we­y....GET THE FUCK OUT OF HERE BY NOW!?!?"
— Part fourteen
— Part fifteen Final

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