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Valley Title
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Game Valley
Length 47:38
Controller Woolie
Upload Date Sep 22, 2016
“Okay, I'll suck it, I'll suck it. I'll suck it and see what happens.” — Woolie

Valley is a one-off episode that features Matt and Woolie strap on their portable iron maiden as they whip their Gold Experience powers at the local fauna and Woolie gets the animal cruelty simulator he always wanted.

About Edit

— Website description

Quotes Edit

I would never backpack Europe because you will fucking get murdered.
— Matt
There's valley girls here. The most deadly of creatures.
— Matt
If I could sacrifice a chipmunk for a super jump, and every jump required a single chipmunk, you'd have to convince me not to.
— Woolie
You can snuff that pupper and you get a shinespark.
— Woolie
My power's really, really simple.
— Matt
Stop being hungry?
— Woolie
Jump over God. Give him double deuce as you jump over him. Spit on him. Valley, shit on God.
— Matt
It tastes like you're giving the T-1000 a blowjob. Dasani's the worst. You guys like Dasani, the unsubscribe button is over there.
— Matt
Okay, I'll suck it, I'll suck it. I'll suck it and see what happens.
— Woolie

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