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Van Helsing

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Game Van Helsing
Length 34:17
Controller Matt
Upload Date October 5, 2014
“It's like, 'Camera, just let me live my life. I don't go through your Facebook. Don't go through my shit.'.” — Woolie

Best Friends Play - Van Helsing is a one-off episode in which Matt, Woolie, and Liam play a retexture of Devil May Cry with a moveset stolen from the future where every enemy is a boss and none of the models look good.

About Edit

Get out your crosses, pointy hats and Australian accents! We're gonna kill about a zillion skeletons and few vampires along the way with Hugh Van Heljackmansing!
— Video description

Quotes Edit

So gentleman, your participation is this video is dependent on your answer to this question. How do you feel about the motion picture, Van Helsing?
— Matt
I never saw it.
— Liam
That is a.. that is an answer that let's Liam stay.
— Matt
My arm was made of tofu!
— Liam as Hyde
Why would they model me like this?
— Woolie
Who are you to argue with Ghost Jackman?
— Woolie
Hugh Ghostman? I prefer Hugh Ghostman.
— Liam
Thos fuckers were t-posing a second before.
— Woolie
That's how most unholy monsters start.
— Matt
You don't get the buff if you don't smile.
— Woolie
It's like, 'Camera, just let me live my life. I don't go through your Facebook. Don't go through my shit.'.
— Woolie
I want the camera to turn and there's a child with a blown off head.
— Matt
Smash Brothers is now the only game.
— Woolie
Yeah, you're right. If you don't count those other Yoshi games, it's the only one.
— Liam
Blonde, brunette, and red head.
— Woolie
All three major food groups.
— Matt


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