Super Best Friends Play


Vanquish Title
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Game Vanquish
Season 12
Episode 3
Length 12:10
Upload Date May 28, 2017
Controller Pat
Previous The Surge
Next Hover: Revolt of Gamers
“I'm subbing this hentai for my mama.” — Matt

Super Best Friends Play Vanquish is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat get God Hard as they make fan-subs for their Blanka hentai.


We give Jim Sterling's review of this game a 3/10!
— Video description


The worst story of any shooter.
— Pat
Ahh, it's amazing.
— Matt
Giant! Haystacks? Andre?
— Matt
It's so cool! What a three out of ten! Right, Jim?
— Matt
Sometimes just the cool flavor of Laramie Cigarettes gets you through any Argus Core fight.
— Matt
I think the debate about the Argus Core is like, 'Should we have glowing weak points?'.
— Matt
I think the Vanquish franchise is primed and ready for a pachislot.
— Matt
Oh man, I have something in the works that's making big fun of Bunnyhop, it's gonna be great. He's a fan-subber for Hentai.
— Matt
That's good. That's why he goes to Japan so often. He needs the training.
— Pat
I'm subbing this hentai for my mama.
— Matt
Don't worry, I won't put that bit in.
— Matt
Oh, fuck! It's in now for sure. Put the Mac and Me thing in again.
— Pat
It is similar to this game. That kid's fucking speed boosting down that cliff!
— Matt

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