“Vic, eat shit and go die.” — Pat

Vic Van Lier is a main character in NBA2k16: Livin’ Da Dream and the "best friend" of RAGE, who is also known by the alias "Freq". Vic is a constant troublemaker, making life harder for RAGE and his associates.

Description Edit

Vic is introduced during RAGE's time in Harlem, being a slightly arrogant but relatable asshole who is hanging out around Freq and his twin sister Cee-Cee. When RAGE starts risin' to fame, Vic tries to play hero and becomes infamous as "Friend of Freq - FOF", making an ass out of himself and his friend. The team's owner implores RAGE to get rid of him, arguing that Vic is a bad influence and he is going to cause Freq's downfall, but Freq says Vic's his brother and the only link left with da hood. Later on Vic becomes Freq's "Chief Flossin' Officer" and shows his jealous side by accusing RAGE of taking all the fame for himself and trying to steal his woman, but Rage still forgives him. Vic then descends to the "shitbag" level by blackmailing RAGE. Justice was finally delivered when Vic died in a car crash, but his last will made the friends tear up slightly before proclaming him a dirtbag.

Quotes Edit

The whole time they've been saying Vic is bad, but now we have the confirmed filth.
— Woolie
He is so far up his friend's own ass that he has to make his own hat with these little fucking pop-out letters.
— Liam
Free ghost dialogue. Everybody gets one.
— Woolie
So, we didn't know quite that, right? The whole 'family, like, took him in', which makes his prior actions even worse!
— Pat
Even the actor is a dirtbag.
— Pat

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