SBFC 019

Voltron Runs on Hepatitis

Show Notes 19
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Length 3:02:52
Date December 17, 2013
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“I thought you were gonna say, 'There is enough room inside Aubrey Plaza for more than one stalker'.” — Matt

SBFC 019: Voltron Runs on Hepatitis is the nineteenth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

The Youtubepocalypse and copyright laws! Mighty Number 9 and Feminism! Kill la Kill! Cookies! The cancelled games that haunt us to this day! The Zaibatsu covers all the hard hitting topics!
— Podcast description

Quotes Edit

Voltron runs on hepatitis... and I'll form the dick!
— Matt
We are gonna start the Madoka clock.
Have an Amazon listing just, 'Shitty USB cable, very laggy'.
It's just like someone that works at Capcom is like 'Man, Capcom games are bullshit!'.
— Matt
When Pat tells you to calm down, you guys are crazy.
— Matt
It's like poor people who get really good at eating garbage.
— Pat
Was that him dying, or was that his 'O' face?
— Woolie
I should put a condom on this terminator.
— Matt
A box of bees!
This game is so epic, it spawned ten other epic games, from its failure!
— Matt
To me, 3rd Strike will always taste like pirate cookies.
— Pat
You can't Content ID baking, fuckers.
— Pat
Why is Marlow Briggs decent?
— Mat
I can't make videos if I know my grandma might watch them.
— Pat
... so how hot is your mom?
— Pat, to Liam
We are the face of games media.
— Liam
If games media was able to keep it good, then people like us would have never been able to find success.
— Matt
I thought you were gonna say, 'There is enough room inside Aubrey Plaza for more than one stalker'.
— Matt

Letter TimeEdit

Q: Are there any games that never came out, or got cancelled that haunt you to this day? - from Danny

  • Matt - Final Fight: Seven Sons
  • Pat - Resident Evil 1.5, Obsidian Aliens, Hookman Resident Evil 4
  • Woolie - Faith and a 45
  • Liam - Streets of Rage 4

Q: Favorite cookie brand? - from Mashprompts

  • Matt - Pirate peanut butter cookies
  • Pat - President's Choice decadent chocolate
  • Woolie - white Double Stuff Oreos
  • Liam - I make my own, my grandma's

Q: Why all the hate for The Force Unleashed? - from Spencer

  • Matt - All these fucking bugs, bullshit shoehorned story
  • Pat - Can't cut people, 35GB download
  • Woolie - Early version had more fun stuff, and better combat
  • Liam - Things didn't cut correctly, boring enemies

Q: Do your parents watch the show? - from Manuel

  • Matt - Occasionally watch the live action videos
  • Pat - Occasionally
  • Woolie - No
  • Liam - Mother does occasionally

Q: Who is your Marvel team?

  • Matt - Hagar, Dante, Chris
  • Pat - Dante, Wesker, Hagar
  • Woolie - Spencer, Virgil, Hawkeye
  • Liam - She-Hulk, Spencer, Chris

Q: What is the best way to categorize Steam games? - from Severen

  • Pat: Play them all for ten minutes, uninstall and file away games you will never play. Then group by games that look cool, games that look okay, and I should really play this. Also, have a folder for beaten games.

Q: Whats your favorite action figure? - from Casey

  • Matt - Play Arts Raiden and Dante, Samurai Predator, Metal Gear Rex
  • Pat -
  • Woolie -
  • Liam -

Q: What anime would you turn into a live action movie? - from Jordan

  • Matt - Hajime No Ippo
  • Pat - None
  • Woolie - GTO
  • Liam - Clannad

Q: I was wondering if you could give a few pointers for getting into the gaming industry? - from Georgina

  • Matt - Move to California.
  • Pat - double down on your best skill, get people who know games to look at your stuff, befriend people who know what they're doing.
  • Woolie - Know and play a lot of games, Game Design Documents, learn Excel, look for testing jobs near you.
  • Liam - Come up with the games of your dreams, know when to get out of QA.

Matt WatchEdit

This week, in a surprise turn of events, Pat was stalking Aubrey Plaza.

Is Kill la Kill Still Great? Edit

Yes: [x] No: []


  • In this episode, the Best Friends Zaibatsu's location was officially revealed to be Montreal, Canada, after announcing the address where fans could send physical mail.