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Length 03:13:44
Date Jan 11, 2016
Previous She Almost Stopped Mr. Domino
“These n'er do wells are still doing their shitty podcast!” — Matt

WE ARE VR is the one-hundred and twenty-seventh episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

Goodbye David Bowie. Your banner will lead us in the coming VIRTUAL REALITY WAR.
— Website description


That country can be as horrible as it wants as long as it's entertaining to me.
— Pat
And that's Christianity.
— Woolie
If you think that Liam is a slimy contrarion or that I'm a overbearing, stupid, stubborn, piece of shit asshole, send that email in.
— Pat
There's gonna be a lot of mail next week.
— Matt
Yeah, Jesus is coming back next year, man. I got money on it.
— Woolie
That was literally a competitive thing that changed and altered the course of my life.
— Woolie
For the worse.
— Matt
These n'er do wells are still doing their shitty podcast!
— Matt

Letter Time Edit

Q: Did Liam complete his fifty plus games challenge in one year and he set a new one? from DrinkMoxi

  • Liam: It was fifty-two games and yes, I did complete it.

Q: What are the ground rules on the fifty-two games in a year challenge? from Alphie

  • Liam: For me, it's just to work on the backlog. If I got to the end and only had fifty or fifty-one, that's fine. You can start them at the end of the last year, as long as you complete them this year. I am not getting ten games to ninety percent one year and then finishing them the next year. There are no hard rules.

Q: What's your favorite comfort food? from Mark the Frog

  • Matt: Cereal.
  • Pat: If I'm out, the greasiest burger I can find, like Wendy's but if I'm at home, cookies.
  • Woolie: Godfather Nachos or a trip to Cinnabon.
  • Liam: Nothing specific. I just eat whatever's around.

Q: Do we have class this Sunday? from L

  • No, we don't.

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Matt: Two more volumes of Why the Last Man, Prince of Persia Wii, Assassin's Creed Chronicles India, and Chef's Table.
  • Pat: More Hearthstone and Heroes of the Storm, more Yakuza 5, Shadow Run Hong Kong, and eventually Dragon's Dogma: Dark Arisen.
  • Woolie: Finishing Chef's Table, Staricase, The Iceman Interviews, a sparring match I may be having, and The Prince of Stride.
  • Liam: Fables: The Journey, rhythm games, and Making a Murder.

Trivia Edit