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Show Notes 142
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Length 3:28:24
Date Apr 26, 2016
Guest Boku no Eruption
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“The LP was the lube for his butthole.” — Pat

WOOLIE IS BACK IN is the one-hundred and forty-second episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

Where were you on the day the music died?
— Website description


I'm back in.
— Woolie
The LP was the lube for his butthole.
— Pat
The esoteric fact for one-hundred and forty-two is Woolie is a weak ass piece of shit.
— Pat
I'm concerned for you well being you jaded fuck.
— Pat
Like Pat's receding hairline. I consider that powerful.
— Woolie
The game is completely separate from my inability to control myself.
— Liam
The dumpster fire was hotter than you thought.
— Pat about KOF 14

Letter Time Edit

Q: Is it Letter Time yet? from Eduardo

  • Matt: Right now.
  • Liam: Yes. Wait. Yes.

Q: Would you consider other JRPGs on the channel now that you've done Final Fantasy X? from Henry

  • Matt: I would love to do Tales of Symphonia 2 and Last Story.
  • Liam: There's at least two I want to do, but it depends on the game.

Q: We all know about "Press X to pay respects". What's your favorite button prompt? from Daniel

Q: My friend Tom says Speedwagon sucks. Tell him he's super wrong. from Michael

  • Matt: Speedwagon's cool but I can understand why someone would say it sucks.
  • Woolie: If Speedwagon sucks then the rest of the JoJo universe falls apart because of how much help the Speedwagon Foundatoin provides.
  • Liam: Speedwagon's cool.

Q: What's the most danger you've ever been in? from Dick

  • Matt: When I was a kid, I was sitting in bed and my shelf fell on me. Also, running to catch a bus, slip on ice, twist a ligament in my knee and while I was on the ground a car was coming at me but it stopped in time.
  • Woolie: A dude in Corvette was speeding down a back alley road, and I was crossing the road, and even though he had plenty of time to see me, he didn't slow down, and I had to run across to avoid getting hit.
  • Liam: A guy almost hit me with his car backing up in a one way intersection. His mirror hit me and it hurt a lot.
  • BokuNoEruption: I was sitting in a chair and the back broke and I fell on the floor.

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Matt: Mira in Killer Instinct, Star Fox Zero, and reading Stardust Crusaders.
  • Woolie: Star Fox Zero, Mirror's Edge, and Naruto Kai.
  • Liam: Nioh (Alpha Demo).
  • BokuNoEruption: '"Ratchet and Clank, Tail Concerto and Super Beat Sonic.

Trivia Edit

  • The music used in the outro is "Eternity" from Blue Dragon.
  • Pat was not present for the second part of the podcast due to him shitting his pants over how mad he was that everyone was talking about Blue Dragon.