Two Best Friends Play:

WWE 2K14

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Game WWE 2K14
Season 8
Episode 11
Length 19:46
Upload Date Jan 12, 2014
Controller Competitive
Previous Lego Marvel Super Heroes
Next Assassin's Creed Liberation HD
“Remember when Ric Flair and his pharaohs destroyed Triple H in the inferno match at Wrestlemania? I do!” — Matt

BRING BACK BENOIT - WWE2K14 - Two Best Friends Play is a Machinima episode in which MattPat, and Liam burn giant noses, push the Rising Super Star, twist Pat's nipples, set Woolie up on a date with Undertaker, and compete in the longest ladder match in history.


The longest dumbest match if fake sports history!
— Video description
With Woolie injured, it’s time to inject some new blood into this ROYAAAAAAL RUMMMBLE!
— Website description


The intro begins with the Ultimate Warrior posing in the ring, until Matt, Pat, and Woolie run over to stomp him and beat him with a chair. It then cuts to the Best Friends playing the game with an angry, older Ultimate Warrior who proceeds hit Pat with his controller, punch Woolie in the face, and throw Matt through the television.


You mean that World of Warcraft character?
— Pat, on The Undertaker
I have 800 years of experience, how can you possibly win?
— Matt, when selecting Ric Flair
When are we gonna get good, shitty Triple H hair?
— Pat
I like my cardiovascular details on my muscle mans.
— Pat
This is what Wrestlemania is all about, a giant nose fighting a mummy.
— Matt
You thought we were gonna push Woolie, but he's not over with the crowd.
— Matt
This is more complicated than BlazBlue.
— Liam
So, this guy's schtick was drinking?
— Liam, on Scott Hall
Remember that? Jake the Snake's heel turn where he became a cartoon character, from fucking Conan?
— Matt
Did you guys know that 6 A.M. vodka tastes just as good as all day vodka?
— Pat
Is there wrestling in this game?
— Liam
You can't win this without collusion.
— Liam
You really can't. It's almost as if wrestlings all staged and shit.
— Matt
Take this Latino Macaulay Culkin!
— Matt


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