Super Best Friends Play

WWE 2K17

WWE 2K17 Title
Watch this episode on YouTube
Game WWE 2K17
Season 11
Episode 4
Length 16:56
Upload Date Dec 4, 2016
Controller Competitive
Previous Watch Dogs 2
Next Final Fantasy XV
“I spent a hundred dollars on this piece of shit!” — Matt

Super Best Friends Play WWE 2K17 is a Machinima episode in which Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam serve their yearly sentence with the latest and greatest from the sterling WWE 2K series.


Another year, another buggy clunky wrestling game with terrible DLC practices and less modes than the previous generation!
— Video description


Welcome to Yukes Flabby Blabby 2015, who gives a fuck?
— Liam
Let's fight this zombie.
— Matt
No, Dusty's alive.
— Pat
he's not.
— Matt
Oh he's not! Oh no! I thought he was alive.
— Pat
No. He went right into the water.
— Liam
To be fair, his sperm is awesome.
— Woolie about Dusty Rhodes
Is it?
— Matt
I've never tasted it, Woolie.
— Liam
Yeah, yeah, yeah. Big Dustys.
— Pat
I spent a hundred dollars on this piece of shit!
— Matt


  • WWE 2K17 shares the same title card with WWE 2K15, with the only difference being the actual title.

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