Rustlemania 24


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Length 48:01
Winner Draw
Previous WCW SuperBrawl/Zennihon Pro Wrestling Fight Da Pon!
Next WWF Royal Rumble
“Woolie confirmed not to enjoy head. Liam told me so!” — Matt

WWE Smackdown SHUT YOUR MOUTH is the twenty-fourth episode in the Best Friends' Rustlemania special.


We heard you like RPGS, so we put an RPG into your rustling!
— Video Description


In this episode, Matt, Pat, and Woolie play a first person Brock Lesnar RPG, explore an alternate WWE based universe, discuss all of the Rock's insults, repeatedly demand a title shot, write story lines involving Triple H's dog, amd throw stairs in a non Aki game.

Quotes Edit

I just looked at Pat's face, and he was either awe struck, or confused.
— Matt
When I was a kid I thought Stacy Keibler she was like the hottie sex goddess of the Keebler Elves, she made cookies all the time.
— Matt
It's like my Personas.
— Pat
If you'd picked X-Pac we could've gotten ripped asshole vision.
— Woolie
Wait, why would he be looking out into the world through his ripped asshole? This isn't the asshole version of Pan's Labyrinth.
— Pat
Hey Brock Lesnar, your big dumb sword tattoo sucks.
— Pat
90% of wrestling moves you get a big ol' handful of junk.
— Matt
Look at Al Snow choking on his own vomit!
— Matt
Candy ass is barely an insult. It means you have a sweet tasty ass, and everybody wants some.
— Woolie
I don't listen to you when you talk!
— Pat to Matt
You can tell Rikishi's blushing because his cheeks, and his ass cheeks blush.
— Woolie
And his ass cheek gets a huge sweat drop.
— Matt
Damn it!
— Pat
Back to my home dimension!
— Woolie
I totally gave Judas a crossface!
— Matt reading Chris Benoit's bible verse
That's so Raven.
— Pat
My mom didn't spend all his youth playing Smackdown,
— Matt

Jimmies' Status Edit

Matt - [ ]Rustled [x]Unrustled

Pat - [ ]Rustled [x]Unrustled

Woolie - [ ]Rustled [ ]Unrustled


  • The intro song is "Corporate Ministry" by Peter Bursuker, the entrance music for The Corporate Ministry. The same song is used for the outro in the WWE Smackdown Here Comes The Pain! Rustlemania video.
  • The theme used for the outro is Dude Love's entrance music, "Dude Love" by Jim Johnston.

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