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Rustlemania 28

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007

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Game WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007
Length 29:28
Winner Pat, Woolie (2x)
Previous Simpsons Wrestling
Next WCW Mayhem/Backstage Assault
“Everyone expects Viscera!” — Woolie

WWE Smackdown vs Raw 2007 is the twenty-eighth episode in the Best Friends' Rustlemania special.


— Video Description

Description Edit

In this episode, Matt, Pat, and Woolie play a totally awesome PS2 game that looks better than any of the garbage they played on PS3 or Xbox 360.

Quotes Edit

Triple H's hair looks terrible! As it should.
— Pat
Let's just put some googly eyes on Booker T and call it a day.
— Matt
Thanks Jesus!
— Pat
You are the best fireworks master, my lord and savior!
— Matt
Lights are good! Fart gas is rising!
— Matt
I hope Triple H's notices me with his water spray.
— Pat
I hope Triple H's nose smells me today.
— Matt
I'm calling the earliest non-rustled ever!
— Pat
A disciple, but pimp? He's dressed as a fat guy.
— Woolie on Viscera's wardrobe
Viscera and Mick in a hump my ass match!
— Matt as Vince McMahon
Fucked to sleep by the dick wolves.
— Woolie
Woolie lied, children died.
— Pat
Kane should've taken the mask off and just looked like Liam.
— Woolie
How can my Kane look this cute?!
— Matt
Quick. Get out of the ring, nerds.
— Pat
Six feet down, more than enough to bury anything that moves.
— Pat

Jimmies' Status Edit

Matt - [ ]Rustled [x]Unrustled

Pat - [ ]Rustled [x]Unrustled

Woolie - [ ]Rustled [x]Unrustled

Trivia Edit

  • The intro song is "Line in the Sand" by Motörhead, the theme for the stable Evolution.
  • The music used in the outro is "Rule Britania" by Edmund Barham, the British Bulldogs entrance music.
  • The audio on the original upload of this video was "FUCKIN BULLSHIT!" according to the Iron Sheik but was later fixed.

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