Super Best Friends Stream

WWF No Mercy

No Mercy Stream
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Game WWF No Mercy
Length 3:14:50
Air Date Feb 5, 2017
Controller Matt and Woolie
“Where's the slave anklets when you need them?” — Woolie

For the Super Best Friends Brawl episode, see WWF No Mercy

Super Best Friends Stream - WWF No Mercy is a Super Best Friends Stream event in which Matt and Woolie summon the dark power of the wrestler time forgot in order to defeat the wrestle cops trying to stop them from taking the Women's Championship belt and destroying Mick Foley's horcruxes.

Quotes Edit

I used to put ear blockers under my headphones. It makes for better LPs.
— Woolie
You'd know what'd be really sad? If you woke up one day and read in the papers that Ken Masters killed his wife and Mel. Imagine. Imagine after Hyper Street Fighter II they rewrite it and they're like, 'Ken killed Eliza and Mel and put Bibles all over the place as traps.'.
— Matt
I was two-hundred and eighteen pounds once in my life for a week.
— Matt
When I made the thumbnail for the little trailer for this, I just put Benoit in the thumbnail for fun. I didn't know this was actually the road.
— Matt
Where's the slave anklets when you need them?
— Woolie
Just kill this woman that looks like Jason Voorhees' mom.
— Matt
You have to build the matches logically. Brennan Williams told me that once. He didn't really, but I'd like to think that he would tell me this.
— Matt
Ivory, holy shit. The bottom tier of attitude era waifus.
— Matt
I'd rather have my eyes poked out than get splinters.
— Matt
Congratulations, it's a girl. Now tap. 'The doctor's been replaced with Benoit? What happened?'.
— Woolie
My nuts felt like your fist was going for them.
— Matt
That's devastating and embarrassing.
— Matt
I bet you they had to contractually obligate that he wipe his ass every RAW.
— Woolie about Rikishi
If anyone was gonna be a guest character in Soul Calibure, it'd be Steve Blackman.
— Woolie
I am Crossifixtion Benoit. I am the true self.
— Woolie
Yeah, I ship that.
— Matt

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