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Rustlemania 25

WWF Royal Rumble

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Game WWF Royal Rumble
Length 31:11
Winner Matt, Woolie
Previous WWE Smackdown SHUT YOUR MOUTH
Next WCW vs NWO World Tour
“I'm super worried. How will we ever win? Can we ever win?” — Pat

WWF Royal Rumble is the twenty-fifth episode in the Best Friends' Rustlemania special.


These rumbles are SO royal, you guys!
— Video Description


In this episode, Matt, Pat, and Woolie play an arcade game on the Dreamcast, use assists, have their matches interrupted by random tag teams, struggle to Irish Whips, watch the ring flood with wrestlers, identify the fake Undertaker, and fight Vince McMahon at Kaneamania.

Quotes Edit

And like 80% of all Dreamcast games, it's just an arcade game.
— Matt
How do you get on top?
— Matt
I don't know, I'm not your dad.
— Pat
Since I'm thinking less I should say more.
— Pat
— Matt
With the power of Kid Rock and Limp Bizkit we'll make Undertaker live forever.
— Matt
SO is Tazz basically the John Madden of the wrestling world?
— Matt
Fuckin' John Cena goes to Oprah and she gives him a title shot.
— Pat
You get a title shot! You get a title shot!
— Woolie
I thought you were going to say 'Jericho is doing sick burn outs'.
— Matt to Pat
This is the only Kanes' club, no Undertakers allowed.
— Woolie
It was basically about choke slamming asshole explosions.
— Pat

Jimmies' Status Edit

Matt - [ ]Rustled [x]Unrustled

Pat - [x]Rustled [ ]Unrustled

Woolie - [ ]Rustled [x]Unrustled


  • The outro music is "What Does Everybody Want?" by Jim Johnston, the theme for Al Snow.

Gallery Edit

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