Wakka doesn't trust Rikku
“Woolie, Bravo on Grand Wizard Wakka! Nothing's ever gonna top this.” — Matt

Wakka is a playable character in Final Fantasy X. He is a Blitz ball player and one of Yuna's Guardians.


At the start of the game, Wakka seems to be a very chill and friendly fellow to Matt and Woolie. As the story progresses, he reveals his true hatred towards the Al Bhed race, establishing him as a major racist which initiated a lot of the jokes in the Let's Play. His racism during the LP earned him multiple nicknames by Matt and Woolie, such Grand Wizard Wakka and Racist Wakka.

Wakka's actions include, but not limited to: browsing, posting #alllivesmatter on social media, using Al Bhed as meatsheilds, blaming Al Bhed for poisoning caused by wasps who did it in front of him, thinks that "all bed" and "all dead" are good puns, building a wall and forcing the Al Bhed to pay for it.

Quotes Edit

Wakka, why does your job class says "Grand Wizard"?.
— Woolie
Wakka, why is your facebook profile an iron cross?
— Woolie
Man, I don't like these inferior people helping us to work towards the greater good .
— Matt as Wakka
Grand S.S Eagle of the Occult, Elite Time Wizard Wakka. The unforgotten. The man who invented slavery.
— Woolie

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