Two Best Friends Play:

Walking Dead Season 2

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Game The Walking Dead Season 2
Season 8
Episode 9
Length 14:08
Upload Date December 29, 2013
Controller Pat
Previous Ryse: Son of Rome
Next Lego Marvel Super Heroes

For the full Let's Play, see The Walking Dead Season 2 (Full Let's Play).

“I can't wait for Kenny to die!” — Matt

Two Best Friends Play Walking Dead Season 2 is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat burn pictures of Kenny, run from Joel, pitch game ideas to Telltale, yell at a pregnant woman, and freak out over how bad ass Clementine is.

About Edit

Clementine is tired of taking your shit!
— Video description
This is gonna be a rough ride, but that’s okay, cuz we can give ourselves a juice box!
— Website description

Intro Edit

The intro starts at the end of The Walking Dead Season 1, with Clementine seeing two strangers in the distance. The strangers are revealed to be Matt and Pat, who begin waving to Clementine, making her smile. The two are then attacked and eaten by zombie Lee.

Quotes Edit

Hey, remember we didn't have that shame hoodie?
— Pat
Yeah, like every other reviewer ever.
— Matt
If you were in the zombie apocalypse, would you go through, like if you find a video store, would you then, systematically, go through every zombie movie, and find which one got it right?
— Matt
The boat master extreme will return.
— Pat, after seeing a drawing of Kenny.
I hope he just walks into a scene, and his head explodes.
— Matt, on Kenny
Remember kids, sometimes you gotta burn this motherfucker down.
— Matt
Camp Crystal Lake? Man, I should head out there.
— Matt
Fuck Wolverine for fucking the Wendigo.
— Pat
All of the characters are new Kenny!
— Pat
What if somebody wants to take a huge dump in the shower?
— Pat
I wanna say that every game is making fun of Heavy Rain.
— Matt
I'm the problem child!
— Matt