Two Best Friends Play:

Walking Dead Survival Instinct

Walking Dead Survival Instinct
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Game The Walking Dead: Survival Instinct
Season 7
Episode 7
Length 13:16
Upload Date May 26, 2013
Controller Matt & Pat
Previous Aliens: Colonial Marines
Next Fast & Furious Showdown
“You're doing that run where you just kick the water so high up in the air it just splashes your face.” — Pat
“I've done that run. People were doing that run outside of the Xbox conference.” — Matt

Two Best Friends Play: Walking Dead Survival Instinct is a Machinima episode in which Matt feels down about the Xbox conference so he buys the shitty Walking Dead game and brings it home to Pat. They hammer some buns of steel, watch as a dead walker teleports back to his home planet, talk about how Brad Pitt gets away with being an asshole, rejoice with the southern flying squirrel, and receive a sign from Activison to stop playing their game.


This is the Walking Dead game everyone’s talking about? That cool, but I have a date to go on later tonight, so yeah, whatever.
— Website description



Why don't you have History Channel presents: Walking Dead?
— Matt
Cabela trees look better than default Skyrim trees! These trees are not they.
— Pat
We gotta kill Lily. Lily, the ultra bitch.
— Matt
This is just the zombie equivalent to No Luca No.
— Pat
Thanks Obama.
— Matt while filling up a gas tank
Wow, these zombie nuts are pretty tough.
— Pat
See ya later, fuckers!
— Matt


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