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War Gods / Mace: The Dark Age

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Game War Gods / Mace: The Dark Age
Upload Date Oct 30, 2015
Length 46:34
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Next SVC Chaos
“He's just a Predator Poppa Shango. Poppa Shango's fine, right?” — Pat

War Gods / Mace: The Dark Age is the twentieth episode of Saturday Morning Scrublords series. This week, Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam set out to complete the tasks that the original Scrublords was created to do and find themselves fighting a big, green, thong wearing Sagat, delving into Matt's cross-fan fiction writing days, and backing down super hard from Mace: The Dark Age's defense.

About Edit

This one goes out to all my N64 kids that got really butthurt about not getting the cool PSX fighting games every time you went to the video store, and rented one of these out of spite.
— Video Description

Quotes Edit

No one's good at this game but I fucking love it 'cause it's so stupid.
— Matt
...and Helga from Revolution X fame.
— Matt
I think you're using the word 'fame' wrong.
— Pat
He's just a Predator Poppa Shango. Poppa Shango's fine, right?
— Pat
If you find yourself in green fields, then you've been staring into Grox's asshole.
— Woolie
I'm just gonna be straight up with you, I wrote Soul Calibur x Mace: The Dark Age fan fiction.
— Matt
So what you're saying is Yoda is the main character of Mace: The Dark Age.
— Pat
Pat, where do you stand on this versus War Gods?
— Liam
Fuck these.
— Pat
Okay, but which one comes out on top?
— Liam
— Pat


War Gods

Matt 3/2
Pat 0/3
Woolie 3/1
Liam 2/2

Mace: The Dark Age

Matt 2/2
Pat 4/1
Woolie 2/4
Liam 1/2

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