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Warpath Jurassic Park/Dino Rex

Warpath Rex Scrublords
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Game Warpath: Jurassic Park; Dino Rex
Upload Date Jun 12, 2015
Length 1:03:18
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Jurassic Week - Jurassic Park The Game (Telltale)

“Black people don't have spikes, I know that.” — Pat

Warpath Jurassic Park/Dino Rex is the twelfth episode of Saturday Morning Scrublords and the fifth episode of the Jurassic Week series. This week, Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam take a trip to Jurassic Park's safer, more family friendly theme park to watch dinosaurs fight to the death and discover the cheapest bullshit the game has to offer. Later, they watch Cera kick the shit out of Barney and feed the losers to pterodactyls.

About Edit

We are on the warpath as we bite, chomp and tail whip through the Amazone-Zone! WELCOME...TO DINO REX PARK!
— Video Description

Quotes Edit

How many hours of training did you get in?
— Liam
Training? Zero, 'cause you just press square and you win.
— Matt
That's the Ryu. That's the Ken.
— Pat
I own you. I'm basically god.
— Matt as John Hammond
No one tells Warpath how to fighting game.
— Woolie
The hands look extra useless on you.
— Woolie
As somebody with baby arms, let me tell ya, you end up head butting a lot of stuff 'cause you can't reach it.
— Pat
Wow Liam! You didn't see a show when you were two years old?
— Liam
Why would I johns in fucking Jurassic Park Warpath?
— Pat
Black people don't have spikes, I know that.
— Pat
And then your old character you loved ended up turning into a huge stoner by proxy.
— Pat
Is there parries? Does this game have alpha counters?
— Pat
Click here to submit your Land Before Time lemon fan fiction.
— Matt
How do you Mary Sue in Land Before Time?
— Woolie
Have you seen Little Foot? He's the most Mary Sue in the world.
— Pat


Warpath: Jurassic Park

Matt 2/5
Pat 1/2
Woolie 3/1
Liam 4/2

Dino Rex

Matt 0/2
Pat 0/1
Woolie 1/1
Liam 3/0


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