Super Best Friends Play

Watch Dogs 2

Watch Dogs 2 Title
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Game Watch Dogs 2
Season 11
Episode 3
Length 17:03
Upload Date Nov 27, 2016
Controller Liam
Previous Sherlock Holmes: The Devil's Daughter
Next WWE 2K17
“I programed him to be fearful as I fuck.” — Liam

Super Best Friends Play Watch Dogs 2 is a Machinima episode in which Matt, Pat, and Liam break out their Diablo 2 fire GIFs and celebrity sound boards to combat the Angelna-Jolie Net and her army of terrified sex robots.


Hey millenials! It's time to steal Sandra Bullock's identity and make her pay for all her big business


— Video description


We're getting hacked by DedSec.
— Liam
Did Woolie put that weird porn on this work PC again?
— Pat
So, welcome. Today we're playing Vagina Dogs 2, or Cock Dogs.
— Matt
No, those are banned, don't talk about those. They're banned. Banned already!
— Liam
Be careful who you make fun of in high school.
— Liam
They might turn out to like Transformers more than you ever thought possible.
— Pat
I know Mike Tyson can run. Remember the treadmill? That's his favorite thing.
— Liam
Man, I hope Nintendo doesn't find out about all those fan games I made. I need to wipe that out of my criminal record.
— Matt
At Woolie's funeral, Muse is gonna be playing as the casket's lowered in, and then Muse is gonna look at the little photo of Woolie and go, 'What? He's black? And he likes us?'.
— Matt
“'Are we at the right funeral?'.
— Pat
Rob Schneider is Sandra Bullock.
— Matt
And then Woolie drew something and then burned it so no one could ever see it.
— Pat
Yeah, you can't find any of his work.
— Matt
You have to finish work in order for you to see it.
— Pat
I programed him to be fearful as I fuck.
— Liam
It sounds like that magical combination of ass, dust, and chorrito sweat.
— Pat

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