Two Best Friends Play:

Way of the Samurai 4

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Game Way of the Samurai 4
Season 5
Episode 12
Length 16:35
Upload Date Sep 9, 2012
Controller Pat
Previous Tekken Tag 2
Next Borderlands 2
“Received proof of love.”
“Better throw that in the fucking trash.” — Pat

Two Best Friends Play: Way of the Samurai 4 is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat play as a sexy feminine samurai who goes around a city in Japan serving dirty deeds for whomever he wants, while wearing nothing but a giant man diaper in the process.


Man, our butt cheeks look really good in this. Not doubt they will come in handy when we meet Megamelons!
— Website description

Intro Edit

The intro cartoon features Matt dressed as a samurai walking around until he encounters a rival samurai, Pat, who draws his sword in anticipation of a fight. Unarmed, Matt looks around for a weapon and finds a Fire Axe, which he hurls unsuccessfully no where near Pat, much to his chagrin.

Quotes Edit

Pat, I really gotta say, those Geishas are dedicated to their art when they're just raping a guy during cannon fire.
— Matt
[After choosing to ask another samurai to help kill himself] He was like 'I can't believe how big of a bad ass that guy is.'
— Pat
I wanna fast-forward to tonight when I can get my dick on. So I guess I'll just sleep on this rock.
— Pat
Hey girl, I'm gonna scooch these worms up yo pussy!
— Matt

Trivia Edit


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