This is an extended page of the Way of the Samurai 4 (Full Let's Play) "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


Matt and Pat go back to a sleepy japanese port city for more dumb adventures with Jet Jenkins and the crew!
— Part one
The Magistrates daughters are kind of weird and Jet Jenkins is not to be trusted!
— Part two
I shouldn’t trust JJ, but he’s so cool! At least Laura and us can have a quiet moment shoving balls in our mouth.
— Part three
Why can’t I stop hanging out with Laura and JJ!? Plus, hey, nightcrawlin gurrl.
— Part four
The tourney is almost here, but OH NO! LAURA IS SICK! ;_;
— Part five
Wow, that didn’t go as planned! WELL THEN~ Hope you enjoyed that weird adventure! RAAAAAAAAAAWWWWWWL
— Part six Final

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