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Upload Date Apr 6, 2015
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“We fucked up and did this late, but it's okay.” — Woolie

What's Coming Out in May? [2015] is the second video in the What's Coming Out series.


Let's take a look at what games are coming out this month:
  • 1st Shin Megami Tensei: Devil Survivor 2 Record Breaker - 3DS - Liam
  • 5th Wolfenstein: The Old Blood- PS4/XBO/PC
  • 9th Disney Infinity 2 - Vita
  • 12th Toren - PC
  • 14th Axiom Verge - PC; Not a Hero - PC
  • 19th Witcher 3 - PS4/XBO/PC; Galactic Civilizations 3 - PC; Hyperdimension Action Neptunia U - Vita
  • 22nd Puzzle & Dragons Z - 3DS
  • 26th Ultra Street Fighter 4 - PS4
  • 29th Adventures of Pip - PC; Splatoon - WiiU
  • TBA Life is Strange: Episode 3 - Chaos Theory
— Video description


We fucked up and did this late, but it's okay.
— Woolie
We also fucked up with the title because the title should be 'Fucks We Give'.
— Matt
I hate the fact that you care about Black Spiderman but you don't care about black Spiderman.
— Woolie
Woolie, well known Metroid hater, doesn't care about Metroid games.
— Pat
I am so excited for this game that it has caused me to relapse into MMO addiction.
— Pat
Are you serious? You're not won over on this game? You've got to be squiding me.
— Liam
Liam only showed up today because he thought of that joke on the bus ride.
— Matt


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