SBFC 161

What Yuh Messin' Wit

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Length 3:18:12
Date Sep 5, 2016
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“And he's like, 'Ah, she's just salty that she shat on my dick and I didn't call her back.'.” — Woolie

What Yuh Messin’ Wit is the one-hundred and sixty-second episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

Matt rides flows, Pat holds Ls, Liam hunts Metal Deer, and Woolie’s mom goes in.
— Website description


Every time a stick clicks, a panty drops.
— Woolie about Devil Sticks
And he's like, 'Ah, she's just salty that she shat on my dick and I didn't call her back.'.
— Woolie
Metal... deer?
— Woolie
Get all porked up over these beefers while we fuck through it.
— Pat
Oh fuck, we found a bunch of VHS tapes of Biggie Smalls playing video games and narrating. He called them 'Let's Plays'.
— Matt
This is your boy. I'm playing Mega Man. This is a hard boss. I'm running out of breath.
— Woolie as Biggie Smalls
After he beats a boss he goes, 'This is why they call me Big Poppa.'.
— Matt
If you practice Shabbat for long enough and be on a podcast, you know what the outro music is gonna be.
— Pat
I sure wish my neighbor was dead.
— Liam
Shabbat Man!
— Woolie
I stopped paying attention for maybe one second and heard 'assless chaps jazz band'.
— Pat
I never made it through Anime Hell 0.
— Pat
That's a good film.
— Liam
Have you seen the Criterion edition?
— Woolie

Letter Time Edit

Q: I know some of you are of the opinion that feathers on dinosaurs suck, but does that also carry over to dragons? from Marcus McGee

  • Matt: Dragons are fantasy creatures so I don't mind that.
  • Pat: Yes! That's stupid.
  • Woolie: Dangerous things shouldn't have feathers.
  • Liam: I think you should have both so you get all the designs.

Q: Is there any piece of media you love that is really obscure to the point that you never talk about it? from Jasper the hot-blooded Hero

  • Matt: God's Demon by Wayne Barlowe and Friday the 13th novels about people inheriting Jason's mask.
  • Pat: Martial Masters.
  • Woolie: A Montreal band called Kobayashi that no longer exists and American Virgin comic series.
  • Liam: It used to be Monster Musume but that got popular and Sabriel by Garth Nix.

Q: Unleash your inner Keighley and create a gamer fuel combo. from DrinkMoxie

  • Matt: Crackers with peanut butter and chocolate milk.
  • Pat: Jos. Louis or May Wests and Pepsi.
  • Woolie: Jack Links and Bootlegger.

Q: You can only choose one letter's worth of games for a platform, what is it? from Zach the Matuches(?)

  • Woolie: SNES and 'S'.
  • Liam: 'S' would also work for Genesis.

Q: Battle: Godzilla or EVA Unit-01? from Unknown

  • Matt: Godzilla.
  • Pat: Eva Unit-01 can blow up the Earth.

Q: Are there any games you can think of that were designed to be played one way but that's not how it ended up being played at all and it's better for it? from Pariah

  • Matt: Perfect Dark always slow-mo.
  • Pat: Street Fighter 2 combos were an accident, House of the Dead with both guns, rocket jumping, and Day of Defeat Cain map soccer.
  • Woolie: Roseball in Street Fighter 4.
  • Liam: Other uses for the Trance Vibrator and RE4 and RE5 knife only.

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