SBFC 022

What does the Doug button do?!

Show Notes 22
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Length 2:33:04
Date January 7, 2014
Next Birthing Scars in Glorious 4K
“We didn't leave you on the road on the way to Christmas!” — Liam imitating his sister

SBFC 022: What does the Doug button do?! is the twenty-second episode of the Super Best Friendcast.


We’re back from MAGFest! And just in time to talk shop about Nintendo’s weird secrets and censorship! Drakengard 3! Space Dandy! And more crazy mods from the mod community! Gotta burn some muscle!
— Podcast description


I refuse to call any room with you a judgement-free safe area.
Woolie to Pat
Matt, go back to eating paint.
— Pat
I don't live in International Land.
I should probably explain the term 'vagina tax'.
— Pat
No, not BlazBlue, the fighting games!
— Matt
I like Guts Man's ass.
— Pat
Weighed clothing for playthroughs.
— Matt
What does the Dough button do?!
— Woolie

Letter TimeEdit

Q: What is your favourite monster from Monster Hunter? from Esteban

  • Liam: Rathalos
  • Matt: Sir Om Nom
  • Pat: Zinogre

Q: Who is your favourite robot master from Megaman and Megaman X? from Tornado Jones

  • Pat: Magma Dragoon
  • Liam: Air Man
  • Matt: Neon Tiger
  • Woolie: Crash Man

Q: I could a Galaxy Note 3, and I wanted to know what phone you guys had. from Budman

  • Liam: iPhone
  • Pat: S3
  • Woolie: iPhone

Q: I've been inspired by Woolie's Biker Mice hate. Have any of you experienced similar levels of hate from old cartoons that rustled your jimmies? from Lionel

  • Pat: Street Sharks
  • Liam: Spider Riders
  • Matt: Extreme Ghostbusters

Q: With how much time you spend at each other's houses, have you ever considered moving in with each other into a larger apartment or even house? If not, what prevents it? from Gerunu X

  • We'd get sick of each other. It would bring about the end of the channel.