SBFC 190

When Kevin Sorbo Dies, WE DIE

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Length 3:09:43
Date Mar 28, 2017
Previous The Pope Patched Your Stillborn’s Soul Out of Existence
Next Have You Ever Seen a Zebra Orgasm?
“Too old to explore the Earth, too young to explore space, born just in time to browse dank memes.” — Pat

When Kevin Sorbo Dies, WE DIE is the one-hundred and ninety episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

Ladies and Gentlemen: The Origin of Do Combo. You can watch us record the podcast live on
— Website description


And the guy goes, 'Why don't you play a real MMO like Destiny?', and I wanted to shoot my balls.
— Pat
Why would this path be the path you thought Woolie was on?
— Matt
Destiny is the fake boob bag of sand that we deserve.
— Pat
Just the idea of a phone with a Chie costume on with googly eyes.
— Pat
Well, here's your new mystery folks. Discover which videos we are guaranteed to not be wearing pants during.
— Pat
Fuck, I remember that one. That was a special one.
— Woolie
I'm just trying to paint a quick picture with exposed dong, I don't know why you gotta get all technical.
— Woolie
You had to eat guts, we have HD porn on tablets.
— Matt
Way to be born into a shitty time, idiots. Next time try harder.
— Woolie
Too old to explore the Earth, too young to explore space, born just in time to browse dank memes.
— Pat
Just be excited that you'll be that guy who liked it before it was cool and now you can be the smarmy fuck that I know you're going to be.
— Pat
At the end of the movie he's gonna go, 'Sorry Batman, I have to go back to my home ocean.', and then slide off the bottom of the screen.
— Pat
You made the mistake of putting a microphone in front of an actor when their not acting.
— Woolie
You're putting your penis in chocolate, let's just say that.
— Matt
You're having sex, you're not eating.
— Matt
If you're doing it right, you are.
— Woolie
It's all shit-posting at the end of the day.
— Woolie about WoolieVersus

Letter Time Edit

Q: Woolie, stop saying whatnot. from Salzenvpen(giberrish numbers)kingdomcumdown

  • Woolie: No.

Q: Would you make love to the green M&M? from Cornbread

  • Matt: Yes, definitely.
  • Pat: I've had too many scare wit chocolate that I think is poop.
  • Woolie: Not a fan of mint.

Q: No, really Woolie, please stop saying whatnot. It's offensive to my ears. from Salzenvpen(giberrish numbers)kingdomcumdown

  • Woolie: No.

Q: What are the different generations of consoles? from Grant

  • The Best Friends go into detail about this but everything you need to know can be found here.

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

Trivia Edit

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