Shitstorm 3: Shittribution

White Day

White Day
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Game White Day
Controller Liam
Length 31:40
Next Phobia
Previous Five Nights at Freddy's
“I tried to make this game run on my computer once and when it didn't I said, 'Thank god.'” — Liam

White Day is the second one-off episode released during Shitstorm 3: Shittribution.

About Edit

We don’t understand anything about Korea, and especially how school etiquette works…but we do understand how freaky their ghosts are!
— Website description

Description Edit

In this episode, Matt, Pat, and Liam transcend borders with horror as they sneak candy into school at night, stock up on soy bean milk, warn people against being yourself, and flail the mouse all over the screen.

Quotes Edit

In the first five seconds of the game, Liam established.
— Matt
Ah, it's such a white, beautiful day.
— Matt
That sounds like something horrible and racist.
— Pat, about the game's name
Liam's here because Grandma Swamp is busy being the scariest thing in Japan right now.
— Matt
But I wanna play as Lightning.
— Liam
Did you know horror transcends borders?
— Pat
I tried to make this game run on my computer once and when it didn't I said, "Thank god."
— Liam
How do I use pliers on the girl?
— Liam
Dammit Step Ladder-kun, come with me.
— Liam
I can't tell over your huge erection.
— Pat
Wait, you open your front door and run into the street?
— Pat


  • This is the third time someone other than Matt and Pat have been in a Shitstorm video. The first time was the Huntsman - The Orphanage  episode from Shitstorm 2: The Shittening, in which Woolie appeared as a guest. Liam first appeared in Luigi's Mansion, in which all four members of the Best Friends Zaibatsu were present. This video marks the first appearance of Liam in a Shistorm episode without Woolie.
  • As revealed by Matt, this video was recorded during Woolie's trip to Japan.
  • Liam accidentally breaks Pat's mouse during the final moments of this episode. According to Liam, "[Pat's] mouse is located on top of a small stool next to his sofa. I didn’t pick it up and chuck it off a desk, when I got scared it just accidentally fell off of the stool." [1] This event was later alluded to by Pat in Nightmare House 2, though Matt incorrectly (perhaps purposefully for humour) attributes the event to Woolie, despite him being in another country at the time.


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