Shitstorm 4: Matt & Pat's Scariness Marathon

White Night

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Game White Night
Length 47:08
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Previous The Suffering Ties That Bind
“It's shit your pants 'o clock.” — Pat

White Night is the sixteenth episode of Matt and Pat's Shitstorm 4: Matt & Pat's Scariness Marathon special.

About Edit

Spooky Fact - In the 1930's, people were all basically weird mutants. They talked weird, they dressed weird, and a lot of them were poor for some reason. Lazy bums. The economy was doing great back then I'm pretty sure!
— Video description

Description Edit

In this episode, Matt and Pat narrate their spooky 1920's adventure as they surf a depression tsunami, throw matches all over the place, drastically alter the world with lamps, and get beat up by ghosts.

Quotes Edit

What? The great depression was a tsunami? I didn't know that.
— Pat
I'm normally hobbled in my day-to-day life by my tiny baby legs.
— Pat
If you ever see a girl that wears an ankh, date the shit out of her. She's probably radical.
— Matt
You're a tall drink of glass.
— Pat
I got a big, fat log, girl. You can burn it.
— Pat
It's shit your pants 'o clock.
— Pat

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