SBFC 076

Why is Pat's Coffin filled with Human Fecal Matter?

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Length 3:22:27
Date Jan 20, 2015
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“Is Big Boss a Mary Sue?” — Matt

Why is Pat's Coffin filled with Human Fecal Matter? is the seventy-sixth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

Whole lotta 3DS talk, not gonna lie.
— Podcast description

Quotes Edit

Are we just gonna whip out our dicks and see who has a fucking FOX logo tattooed on it to see how we end this?
— Woolie
Pretend your bed is a manilla envelope, right, and you slide into the envelope and then seal it by putting the cover up to your chin.
— Pat
Or just get into the bed like a man!
— Matt
You gotta kick shit off the bed so the scary monsters get intimidated by your sick skills.
— Woolie
Early Access is a bad idea. You'll get pregnant.
— Pat
When I was working at funcom, working on age of Conan, and they brought in some American tester, this dude from their other office, and he comes in dressed in a black trench coat and he comes in and goes, "Do you know where I can buy some guns?"
— Matt
Moon Prism Buckshot!
— Matt
Did you ever touch the nub Woolie? Touch it. Touch the nub.
— Pat
Staying buff is horrible I know we all struggle with it.
— Matt
It stars nobody and it was directed by no one.
— Matt
It spawned into existence.
— Woolie
If you're interested in fiction, and you're not reading Saga, you're ruining your own life.
— Matt
What's Saga?
— Pat
— Matt
I was hoping you were gonna say, "I used my mom's credit card."
— Liam
Scscscscscalping! Cccccounter Scalping!
— Matt
They don't want to give you choices on colors or models but they do want to give you choices on adapters.
— Pat
This is clearly that thing where the publisher is like "Hey it's that time to start fucking people over again!"
— Matt
Why didn't they respond to my email? Dude you don't even listen to the podcast.
— Pat
Yeah, during the opening of DDR Mario Mix...
— Liam
Fuck you.
— Matt
Did you ever get the fleeing, playing that game, that someone was animating this with a huge erection?
— Pat on Tomb Raider
Everyone's constantly like, "Holy shit, it's Mario! Let's all suck his dick!"
— Pat
Is Big Boss a Mary Sue?
— Matt
Big brother is not watching because he can barely keep his shit together?
— Woolie
Guess what? Woolie and me are Poochy motherfucker!
— Liam

Letter Time Edit

Q:What is Mario's default state, or does the basic red and white mushroom restore Mario to his original form or does it enhance him and make him bigger? - from Baby-Legs O'Houlihan

  • The mushrooms make him bigger. Small Mario is his default size.
  • Liam: His default use to be small Mario but it changed to Super Mario over time.

Q:What's your favorite death animation? - from Steve

  • Matt: Castlevania bursting into a shitload of blood, Tomb Raider impaled on wood in the rapids
  • Pat: Resident Evil 4 Novistador acid bath on the face, Deadspace when the Necromorph replaces your head, Parasite Eve burning guy grabbing the curtain in the opening scene
  • Woolie: Resident Evil 4 Salvador, Tomb Raider parachuting down the mountain, Metal Slug killing with the flame thrower
  • Liam: Castlevania NES slow fall backwards, Megaman, Tomb Raider, All Metroids post Super Metroid

Q:How do we support the podcast? - from Alex

  • Download and listen to it and try out the sponsors if you want.

Q:What's the worst Mary Sue in a video game? - from Funky Student

Q:I just started a class in game design and noticed one of my professors has Dungeon Keeper mobile port on his CV. Should I ask him what the fuck happened or just forget about it? - from Evan

  • Pat: Don't ask "What the fuck happened?" because he's faculty and can ruin your life. Be like, "Hey man, you worked on Dungeon Keeper, what's up with that?" and gauge his reaction. If his reaction is "UGGHHHH!" then ask him what happened. If it's "Yeah man, I'm really happy about that and I was really proud to work on it.", don't take that guy's classes. Unless your soulless and just want to make money, in which case go to all that guy's classes.
  • Liam: Quit his class.

Q:When's MUGEN? - from Brometheus Bound

  • Maybe Pat's SaltyBet idea, otherwise never

Q:What's Pat's favorite vaporware? - from Andy

  • Matt: Final Fight: Seven Sons, Redmoor
  • Pat: The Phantom, Shenmue Online, RE4 Hookman
  • Woolie: Faith and a .45, Street Fighter Adventures
  • Liam: Starcraft Ghosts, Streets of Rage 4, Bioshock on Vita, Avengers for 360 and PS2

Q:Are you guys really friends or is this all just a work? - from Jordan and a lot of other people

  • We are all real friends. It's too hard to keep that kind of lie going for so long.
  • Pat: Me and Matt weren't friends when TBFP started.

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Matt: Magfest
  • Pat: Not Magfest
  • Woolie: Magfest
  • Liam: Magfest

Trivia Edit