This is an extended page of the Wolfenstein: The Old Blood "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


The oozing brain matter that trickled from the cracked skulls of these Nazi scum remind me of the fluffy cotton candy I used to buy all the time at the country fair back home! Oh man! I ate so much that day! It was awesome!
— Part one
I see the very souls of my comrades leave their bodies, drifting up into the sky like lost kites. Speaking of which, I bought this neato kite from a hobby store that had just opened in my hometown right before I was shipped off to Europe. Man when I get back, I'm gonna fly the shit out of that kite!
— Part two
So this one time I was walking down the street on a nice Autumn day, and I just started thinking about Nazis and I got so mad I punched a mailbox and it exploded. Oh man, me and my girlfriend at the time had a good laugh about it.
— Part three
I remember there was this skinny guy I met at Fort Bragg a few months ago. Good kid, had a big heart...but he was just too weak and frail for war. I think his name was Rogers something? I dunno. I'm sure he'll never amount to anything, sadly.
— Part four
These constructs the nazi's made...these machines...their metal feet clanging through the chambers of my mind, leaving blood tracks in their, they really remind me of those wind up cool toy robots they sell at Macy's every holiday season!
— Part five
The mountain ranges here remind me of home...tall and intimidating...almost closing in on you, pushing you into your own corner of the world. God, I could go for some S'Mores! That would hit the spot...but I don't have any marshmallows...oh well, Nazi brain matter is a good substitute!
— Part six
I woke up in a cold sweat and looked around, manically, desperately. Why was everything so blocky? How come there's no ceiling? Why do I get "points" for picking up treasure? Nevermind, the rules are still the same: kill Nazis. freaks me out that their dead bodies rotate unnervingly as I walk around them.
— Part seven
This wine...putrid and sickly sweet, like the taste of blood that's been distilled in the trenches for weeks...I can't get that taste out of my mouth. Y'know, you really need to breath in a good wine, right before you taste it! It does a world of difference! My grandpa used to tell me that the drinking of a good wine is a lot like marriage...
— Part eight
Something's wrong with this place, the sense of dread and doom hangs over the village like cold dark mist wafting from some unseen body of water. That, or it could just be the smell of all the dead Nazi's I've killed! Woo boy! That stinks!
— Part nine
They dug into this mines...real deep and real long. What did those Nazi sum bitches find down here? I hope it was cheeseburgers...and not some ancient evil. Yeah. I bet that's what they found. I'm really smart.
— Part ten
"This monster...this golem...some dark decaying thing living deep in the earth. While it's horrifying and I can barely look at it, I have to admit, something about it looks familiar. Like I've seen it before. Back in the USA, I had this friend named Patrick...this thing reminds me an awful lot of his good ol' momma."
— Part eleven Final

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