The Amazing Superfriends!

Wolverine's Adamantium Revenge Rage

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Game Wolverine: Adamantium Rage X2: Wolverine's Revenge
Length 43:27 (5:06)
Controller Matt, Liam
Previous Tatsunoko vs Capcom
Next Punisher No Mercy/NES
“That's what Wolverine likes. Fresh beats.” — Matt

Wolverine's Adamantium Revenge Rage is the nineteenth episode in the Best Friends' The Amazing Superfriends! special.


He's the best there is at what he does! But we are not!
— Website Description


Matt, Woolie, and Liam enter the rotten rainbow that is LJN so they can avoid playing on the Genesis. During their adventure they dig into Professor X's dark secrets, attempt to figure out Woverine's attacks, and eventually give up to play a different game. In the second, probably better game, they do capoeira attacks, unbirth their saves, play dress up, lose their minds, and get blamed for things they didn't do.


The opening animation is the same one used for Judge Dredd: Dredd vs Death.

Quotes Edit

That's what Wolverine likes. Fresh beats.
— Matt
What does the Wolverine button do?
— Woolie
The collectibles should be Hostess cakes.
— Woolie
This one's for you, Morph!
— Woolie
Yeah, I knew it. It was coming sooner or later.
— Matt
They put effort into that game over.
— Liam
Not into the game though.
— Matt
Thank you based Kotick; we worship your name.
— Woolie
I like my Wolverine on his knees.
— Matt
You can disable mines if you're angry enough.
— Matt
Yeah, fuck your boxes too!
— Liam
I didn't think Pat's Mom would be part of The Amazing Superfriends! month, but she elbowed her way in.
— Matt, in reference to the Wendigo
It's not a dramatic battle if you're not on fire.
— Woolie
Maybe that's Yuriko, one of those Japanese girls that always helps him out. One of the ones he didn't kill and sleep with.
— Matt
In that order.
— Woolie

Trivia Edit

  • The music played during the intro is the main title track from the NES Wolverine game. It can be found here.
  • When this video was originally uploaded to the website, it was 5:06 in length. The YouTube video was properly uploaded, but the website video wasn't fixed until the next day, due to the Zaibatsu being tied up with Con Bravo. [1]

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