Woolie VS Japan

Woolie Vs Japan Akihabara
Episodes 4
Combined Length 1:09:37
Original Run Oct 14, 2014 - Nov 21, 2014
“The question is, bitch, is Japan ready for me?” — Woolie

Woolie VS Japan is a series of videos showcasing the adventures of Woolie and his girlfriend in the mystical land of Japan.

Book One: Akihabara: They Weren't Ready Edit

Woolie Vs Japan One
“Ten out of ten, would absolutely dump ass again.” — Woolie

The first video begins with Woolie and company arriving at the airport and immediately running off to Sega Land. They then swing by the Gundam Cafe to see Woolie's favorite anime and use the coolest toilet ever. Woolie and his girlfriend then proceed to go shopping through numerous stores, seeing too many cool things to list here. Next the two head to the Super Potato and get surprised by a familiar face. Afterwards it's off to the arcade to play all the bad ass games you can't find in North America, and visit the fighting game floor. After some intense gunplay and piloting a Gundam, Woolie tries, in vain, to find a single ad for Bayonetta. To wrap things up, they look through JoJo merch and things get way too sexy.

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Book Two: Shibuya: The Big Takeover Edit

Woolie VS Japan Two
“Big ups, naked snail baby kid. You're doing it.” — Woolie

Part two of Woolie and his girlfriend's journey has Woolie downing Japanese energy drinks and paying respects to the "original pimp-ass beast dog", Hachikō. Then, after splooshing over Kamen Rider merchendise, the pair head to Odaiba to see all the villain fortresses and giant Gundam statue. Next, while in Ikebukuro, they stop at Kamen Rider: The Diner and marvel at the menus and huge display of collectibles. Next stop, Shinjuku, where they are banned from filming in the Don Quixote, express dislike for a song about vanilla, taste the world's greatest beef, and beat up an evil shirt monster.

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Book Three: Hakone: Woolie Dies in Magma Edit

Woolie VS Japan 3
“Shout out to Mr. Popo. Still going strong. Hold it down. Not racist at all.” — Woolie

The third segment of Woolie's trip to the Land of the Rising Sun starts with him and his girlfriend riding trains backwards through the visual reference point for Neon Genesis Evangelion. Afterwards, they get super lost and get a ride from a super nice old guy to their hotel where they proceed to relax their asses off. Next they spread the joys of maple syrup, travel to the top of Mt. Fuji, spot where Return of the King ended, and talk shit about Godzilla. They finish the episode by feeding bread crumbs to deer.

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Book Four: Osaka: THE FINAL OVERHEATEdit

Woolie v ghostz
“Bitch nigga ghost! Come at me bro!” — Woolie

In the final segment of Woolie's Japanese takeover, our heroes' final trek begins with their first (and currently only) installment of "Woolie's Spook Investigations" where they take on the demons that hide within Aokigahara, aka the Japanese Suicide Forest, by taunting them with the haunting beats of Ghostface Killa. Afterwards, they get frightened by the almighty stature of Osaka's infamous Tempozan Ferris Wheel before hitting up an indoor petting zoo and the Osaka Aquarium Kaiyukan. Woolsworth then ends his adventure by trying some ancient Japanese delicacy.

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