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Wu Tang Shaolin Style

SMSL Wu Tang
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Game Wu Tang Shaolin Style, Street Fighter III: 3rd Strike
Upload Date Mar 6, 2015
Length 49:50
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“There's a back-up game for this, but it's worse than this and this doesn't play.” — Matt

Wu Tang Shaolin Style is the sixth episode of Saturday Morning Scrublords. This week, Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam delve deep into the Wu Tang/FBI cover-up conspiracy and infinite loading times as they struggle, and ultimately fail, to get this game to work. Then they just say "Fuck it!" and play 3rd Strike.

About Edit

The saga continues! Scub-lords! SCRUB-LO...oh.
— Video Description

Quotes Edit

A lot of these guys in the bottom row have nothing to do with anything and are just bullshit made ups.
— Matt
Just like Wu Tang.
— Pat
The richest man to ever go down to the welfare office.
— Pat about Ol' Dirty Bastard
So either this crashed or it's taking a really long time to load.
— Matt
I really hope it crashed.
— Liam
If Chappelle is wrong then I need to re-evaluate my life because I probably pissed off a lot of people.
— Pat
That's how people remember me.
— Matt
By the gashes in their butt?
— Liam
Is that an album? Scratched and Fucked?
— Pat
We should mail this copy of Wu Tang to Max and say "Beat the final boss on this shit!".
— Pat
There's a back-up game for this, but it's worse than this and this doesn't play.
— Matt
Sick combo into nothing.
— Liam
My execution ends here and I can't go any further and I'm gonna be a scrub forever. So I might as well start a YouTube channel. Sorry, I might as well guest star on my friend's YouTube channel.
— Pat
Liam, every beer I drink, you get younger.
— Pat
And more attractive.
— Matt
How is Red Man not in?!
— Pat
If Chappelle was wrong, I need to reevaluate my life.
— Pat
Give it 9, 8. 7.
— Woolie
You're-you're bullshitting.
— Liam
6, 5...
— Woolie


Street Fighter 3rd Strike

Matt 2/4
Pat 5/2
Woolie 6/2
Liam 0/5


  • Due to the game being badly scratched, it couldn't actually be played at any point during the video.

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