Shitstorm 2: The Shittening

X-Files Resist or Serve

X-Files Resist or Serve
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Game The X-Files: Resist or Serve
Controller Matt, Pat
Length 35:30
Next Friday the 13th
Previous Dino Crisis 3
“Matt, talk about The X-Files while I fumble around.” — Pat

X-Files Resist or Serve is the twelfth episode in Matt and Pat's Shitstorm 2: The Shittening special.


'Mulder, there has got to be a scientific exploitation for all of this --' 'WE SAW ZOMBIES CHEWING ON PEOPLE FOR FUCK'S SAKE, SCULLY!'
— Video description
The FBI’s content ID system can’t stop us! Our adventure with Mulder and Scully is back!
— Video description, reupload


In this episode, Matt and Pat investigate some paranormal activity in Red Falls. In doing so, they admire Mulder, talk shit about "Jupiter Jazz", gush about tank controls, shoot zambambos in the street, cut bolts, and get their buttholes chomped on by dogs.


Remember that time Mulder fought the Hulk?
— Matt
Russian flying baby.
— Matt (in Russian accent)
He's got too much animation!
— Matt, referring to Mulder
Just trying to get the sex files, you guys.
— Pat
We should have a tribute to tank controls, best controls ever.
— Pat
Resident Evil 4's the greatest game ever made; it has tank controls.
— Pat
I can't believe he's doing fuckin' arm combos!
— Matt
I hate British books.
— Pat
Love volumetric shit.
— Pat
Give me tank controls or give me death!
— Patt
The buttons on this are all weird and Japanese.
— Pat
This game is so weird, it should be a pile of shit.
— Pat
Dropped her like it's hot!
— Pat (as Matt shoots zombie lady)
Matt, talk about The X-Files while I fumble around.
— Pat
Tell me it's Walter White vs. Godzilla. That's what I want.
— Pat
Where would you fuck a mermaid even?
— Pat
Look at that progress! You love it!
— Matt
Man, this really looks like Woolie's trailer park.
— Matt
... that's just bullshit.
— Mulder

Trivia Edit

  • On December 17, 2013, this video was blocked on the grounds of copyright by Fox. It was later uploaded to Dailymotion by SuperJesus.
    • On July 16, 2014, it was re-uploaded to Super Best Friends Play website.
  • The monster shown on the thumbnail is the Flukeman, an antagonist that appears in season two, episode two of The X-Files.

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