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Game X-Men: Children of the Atom, Marvel Super Heroes: War of the Gems, Marvel Super Heroes
Upload Date July 11, 2014
Length 1:01:13
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Superfriends - Marvel Super Hero Squad

“Sarah Jessica Parker is an insult to radiation damage.” — Pat

X-Men CotA / Marvel Super Heroes is the fourteenth episode of Friday Night Fisticuffs and the eleventh episode of the The Amazing Superfriends! special. This week, Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam travel back to before the time of the great Mahvel X Capcpom war as they reset after every fight, complain about bad button mapping, mirror match Cyclops, accidentally play the wrong game, dig tree graves, and ask the move list what specials are terrible.


We’re going back to the origin of hyper fighters! The Cap-god era!
— Website description


Tornado Claw all fucking day!
— Matt, as Wolverine
Sing the song of hindsight.
— Woolie
I need to suck out the bones, out of your... claws... this movie is bad.
— Pat
World War I, where everyone knows, they used nothing but muskets.
— Pat
His win quotes gonna be, 'That was a good fight. Let me cheat on Jean.'
— Matt
Especially when she's dead, that makes me harder.
— Woolie
What do you think this is, not baby time?
— Pat
We're gonna tear our clothes off over here.
— Liam
This was back when Wolverine was in love with Jean and not Akuma, right?
— Pat
Guys, stop defending Cyclops, you DC fan boys.
— Pat
Tale as old as time... Japan and Shuma Gorath.
— Matt
Liam get over here. Avenge my asshole.
— Pat
Sarah Jessica Parker is an insult to radiation damage.
— Pat

Wins/Losses Edit

X-Men: Children of the Atom

Matt 1/4
Pat 2/3
Woolie 8/1
Liam 0/3

Marvel Super Heroes

Matt 3/3
Pat 3/2
Woolie 5/2
Liam 0/4

Letter Time Edit

There was no Letter Time this week.

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