Best Friends Beat 'Em Ups

X-Men The Arcade Game

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Game X-Men The Arcade Game
Episodes 1
Combined Length 37:48
Original Run Nov 22, 2013
Controller Matt, Pat, Woolie, and Liam
“It's so great that we're not Cyclops in this game” — Matt

Best Friends Beat 'Em Up - X-Men The Arcade Game is the sixth game to be played in the Best Friends Beat 'Em Ups series. In this episode, Matt (Wolverine), Pat (Colossus), Woolie (Nightcrawler), and Liam (Dazzler) are formally welcomed to die. In their struggle to attain the victory, the talk about X-Men lore, dumb comic book stuff, and dis Cyclops.


Any game where you don't have to play as Cyclops is pretty good.
— Video description


Ah, DC. One of my fav... oh wait, no. This is the better thing.
— Matt
This is a mess.
— Liam
Everyone expects Pyro!
— Matt
How is Pyro any different than just a guy with no mutant powers and flamethrowers on his wrists?
— Pat
Fuck baseball, we played X-Men fucker!
— Woolie, referring to his father bonding time
It's so great that we're not Cyclops in this game.
— Matt
I petitioned my local congressman to have "No Cyclops Day".
— Matt
This is really eighties.
— Pat
This is basically Dark Souls.
— Matt
Oprah's final form is a car, and it's free.
— Pat
So, volume two of "Why Cyclops Sucks"...
— Matt
Is telepathic cheating still cheating?
— Pat
Your Magneto's in another castle, literally!
— Matt

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