Two Best Friends Play:

Xbox Live Indie Games VI

Xbox Live Indie Games VI Title
Watch this episode on YouTube
Game Various Xbox Live indie games
Season 9
Episode 15
Length 16:11
Upload Date Apr 4, 2015
Controller Matt & Pat
Previous Final Fantasy Type-0 HD
Next Mortal Kombat X
“I'm a sneaky little bitch guy.” — Matt

Xbox Live Indie Games VI is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat further degrade their souls by exposing themselves to more abominable indie "games". When will the madness cease?


Everytime we get back out...they keep PULLING US BACK IN
— Facebook description


This is the sixth Xbox Live Indie Games episode, and I decided that we should probably introduce an unstable element, and that unstable element is of course...
— Matt
— Pat
Alcohol, booze. Boozahol.
— Matt
I really like that there's a dedicated 'kill children' button.
— Matt
There's a certain level of rock star STD that you just start radiating a field.
— Pat
Yeah, it's like a buff.
— Matt
So this guys clearly out of shape.
— Matt
Or really in shape. Those are the only two kinds of people that have exercise stuff.
— Pat
I hope that's a finger!
— Matt
You could never lose your Sonic porn. There's too much.
— Pat
I'm a sneaky little bitch guy.
— Matt
That's a quote, you can quote that.
— Pat
I wanna see what Sir Mix-a-Lot is doing right now, right this second.
— Pat
He's probably busy spinning in his grave.
— Matt
You fell in the oatmeal!
— Matt


  • It is revealed at the beginning of the video that Matt and Pat are both drunk throughout the entirety of this episode.
  • The moment where Matt and Pat call each other's phones was mentioned in the eighty-sixth episode of the Super Best Friendcast, He Shat His Leather Pants and it Became a Paste.
  • Based on the footage shown when playing Saturn 9, the date of recording for this video was most likely March 28, 2015.

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