New Super Best Friends Play

Xenoblade Chronicles X

Xenoblade X Title
Watch this episode on YouTube
Game Xenoblade Chronicles X
Season 10
Episode 8
Length 15:52
Upload Date Dec 27, 2015
Controller Pat
Previous Rise of the Tomb Raider
Next Just Cause 3
“Bill Paxton would make any anime JRPG better.” — Pat

New Super Best Friends Play Xenoblade Chronicles X is a Machinima episode in which Matt and Pat join the rest of humanity in being stuck on planet Vita where they pilot their mechas alongside their giant eyed school girls just like in one of their Japanese animes.


Let’s take a long meandering trip through New Los Angeles with our helpful guide, “Disturbing Animeface!”
— Website description


Since we're not allowed to talk about Star Trek on the podcast, we gotta get it in when we can.
— Matt
In a war of bugs versus robots, who would win?
— Matt
Robot bugs.
— Pat
New L.A. It has to be better than old L.A.. Maybe these space guys have water.
— Matt
Thirsty for smell.
— Pat
Let's play with our anime boys.
— Pat
How close can we get to Big the Cat?
— Matt
Summoning a bunch of dead people in the form of Taylor Swift.
— Pat
Matt, if you found a new planet, you would name it all sorts of stupid shit.
— Pat
I would name it America Two or Bonerland.
— Matt
That must be real embarrassing for that one bullet that missed.
— Matt
I moved my goddamned couch closer to my television so I could read this shit.
— Pat
Japanimation, superior to anime in every form.
— Matt
She looks like those little packs of markers in art stores that say, 'Wanna draw like your favorite mangakas?'.
— Matt
Bill Paxton would make any anime JRPG better.
— Pat
I thought chocolate had more states of matter.
— Pat


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