This is an extended page of the Yakuza 4 "About" section, showcasing the descriptions for each part of the Let's Play.


Come along as we go down a memory lane we may not have actually gone down before, and learn about them Yakuza folks.
— Part zero
Off we go to Japan, for realsies this time! Let's hang out with a former hobo, and all around stupid idiot, Akiyama!
— Part one
Let's go start Bar Fights on account of guys who can't pay their tab! Why? Who cares! JAAPAAAN
— Part two
Akiyama proves himself the hero we all need! What a champ!
— Part three
Bet you didnt' expect almost a whole episode dedicated to minigames! BUT HEEEERE WE GO
— Part four
Nothin says videogames like running an office and giving out for JUSTICE.
— Part five
Let's learn the joys of firing people, and also, the forces of gravity as acted upon by flying henchmen! Look at that bad guy fly!
— Part six
Time for training, Matt and I discover the joys of suicide.
— Part seven
Let's dodge more bullets, and learn about weird internal Yakuza politics!
— Part eight
Buyin ladies stuff and goin on sidequests. Plus, Karaoke!
— Part nine
On to wacky adventures in host clubs and perfume stores! Wait, WHY did we pay this lady again?
— Part ten
Time to play dressup! No seriously though.
— Part eleven
To the champion district! Where men are men are ladies! Also! MURDERRR
— Part twelve
Time to go back to the future to the hobo underground and Saigo returns god damnit what is this game.
— Part thirteen
This fucking episode + youtube caused me so much shit, I can't remember why I wrote about Kid Rock in the last uploads description. Man, the internet sure is dicey, stupid internet.
— Part fourteen
We may be rusty, but at least we can unwind with some delicious alcoholic product placement. Ohhhhh yeah, so smooth. See ya around Akiyama!
— Part fifteen
Alright! 16 parts in, and only about 25% through the game! Whoo! This'll be a doozy! But first, let's meet Saejima, and go hang out at Super Jail!
— Part sixteen
Alright everybody! Let's escape from Prison! Emotionally!
— Part seventeen
Boy! That was uncomfortable! But at least we get to follow it up with something awesome! WHAT A HERO!
— Part eighteen
Back to Kamurocho, makin new friends, punchin new dudes!
— Part nineteen
Big long episode today! But why? Because it's a REVELAITON!
— Part twenty
Our adventure to find the legendary info dealer continues! But where? INTO THE SEWERS!
— Part twenty-one
Let's have huge murder fights, tinged with feels, topped off with dumb lies! Oh yeah!
— Part twenty-two
Finally! Let's get some answers from Majima! But FIRST! HUGE DUMB FIGHT OH YEAH!
— Part twenty-three
Oohhhhhh, so THAT's how that happened! Brutal! Also, dirty cops!
— Part twenty-four
Let's solve some crimes down at the docks with some good old fashioned violence and fast levels!
— Part twenty-five
Shouldn't we be arresting you? Oh whatever, Revenge!
— Part twenty-six
Back to the docks? BACK TO THE DOCKS! Also, fighting that weird anti hair product! It's tough! Don't put it on your balls!
— Part twenty-seven
Rooftop dicks, secrets, and shady, poorly framed meetings! Japan sure is weird.
— Part twenty-eight
Two of our heroes finally meet! And also, REVELAITONS!
— Part twenty-nine
We finally wrap up Tanimuras section! Where else? AT THE DOCKS!
— Part thirty
— Part thirty-one
Let's learn some moves! Yeah!
— Part thirty-two
— Part thirty-three
Time for some more Revelaitons!
— Part thirty-four
Boy did I fuck up the video this time! Enjoy our second journey up the tower while Matt and I discuss hiding in girls butts.
— Part thirty-five
Now for an episode with half old and new audio as a bunch of INCREDIBLY STUPID SHIT HAPPENS
— Part thirty-six
Almost done! Let's see some weirder parts of the game we missed, and then see the culmination of some of the dumbest plot shit ever! One to go after this!
— Part thirty-seven
That's it! Let's blow this thing and go home!
— Part thirty-eight FINAL

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