SBFC 102

You’ll Never Be Ready For DOG CON

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Length 3:09:08
Date Jul 21, 2015
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“No one in the nineties was that self-aware.” — Matt

You’ll Never Be Ready For DOG CON is episode 102 of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

We’re back from Screw Attack Game Convention, and we now have opinions about Texas.
— Podcast description

Quotes Edit

She's a gold digger but for her children.
— Woolie
There is a Top Gun level of homosexuality between Goku and Vegetta.
— Pat
That's like saving Lenny at the end of Of Mice and Men.
— Pat on saving Sonic
It was Smash 4. They were stealing all the tables.
— Liam
A lot of fighting game players are fans of her work.
— Matt about Jamie Lee Curtis
Have you seen Freaky Fridays?
— Liam
No one in the nineties was that self-aware.
— Matt
Condolences to the family who's kid got their head kicked off.
— Pat

Letter Time Edit

Q: How do I get into fighting games? from Everyone

  • Buy a fighting game that's good. Play it and make sure you actually like it. Get a good arcade stick. Borrow a stick, if you can, before buying one to make sure you like it first. Have lots of spare time. You'll have to be able to lose and have fun.
    • There are lots of suggestions in this answer, so if you want the full details the question starts around 22:00 in the podcast

Q: Where did you learn combo strings and juggling to the fullest extent? Was there some kind of method you used? from Go-Op

  • Matt:
  • Pat: Fucking around in training, go to the particular game's community website,
  • Woolie:
  • Liam:

Q: Should I watch Berserk if I know the ending? from Jason

  • Matt: Yes.
  • Pat: Yes.
  • Woolie: Yes. The ending is the worst part.
  • Liam: Yes.

Q: I have a Predator figure collection and they keep falling and losing pieces. Any tips to help prevent this? from Hayden

  • Matt: Little black diorama bases with pegs that go into the feet of the figures.
  • Pat: Spray them with hardening epoxy and they will never move again.
  • Liam: Velcro all the parts.

Q: Pick one to make a reality: A shonen anime about fighting games with light references to FGC but mainly focused on techniques and fundamentals, a Metal Gear Rising: Revengance movie made in the Advant Children style, or a live-action Death Note movie directed by Vince Gilligan that ends before post-L. from Caleb

  • Matt: Two of those already exist.
  • Pat: Lame Advant Children MGR.
  • Woolie: None of these things are that great.
  • Liam: I don't want the Death Note one because it will always be non-canon.

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Matt: Con Bravo, Street Fighter V beta
  • Pat: Con Bravo, Street Fighter V beta
  • Woolie: Con Bravo, Street Fighter V beta
  • Liam: Haotoful Boyfriend, Con Bravo, Street Fighter V beta

Trivia Edit