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You Are Now Breathing Manually

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Date June 24, 2014
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“You get to sit in Captain Falcon's lap as he races down Big Blue, then he gives you big blue.” — Woolie

You Are Now Breathing Manually is the forty-sixth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

We get into some Jojo talk, Persona talk, Kamen rider talk, and the troubled times of Ubisoft and Nintendo. Also, hooray for irrational fears!
— Podcast description

Quotes Edit

Chie's fuckin' cool.
— Woolie
The greatest story of our time needs to be told and re-told and then, told again.
— Matt
I will never look at a plate of spaghetti the same again.
— Pat
Spoilers make Yakuza better.
— Woolie
No, dive into the Atlus Hole!
— Pat
It's Letter Zone, it's Letter Zone.
— Liam
You get to sit in Captain Falcon's lap as he races down Big Blue, then he gives you big blue.
— Woolie
Dammit, I am now breathing manually.
— Pat

Letter Time Edit

Q: Fuck, marrry, kill: Captain Commando, Captain Falcon, Captain America from Caleb

  • Pat: Marry Captain America, fuck Captain Falcon, kill Captain Commando
  • Matt: Marry Captain Falcon, fuck Captain America, kill Captain Commando
  • Liam: Marry Captain Falcon, fuck Captain America, kill Captain Commando
  • Woolie: Marry Captain Falcon, fuck Captain America, kill Captain Commando

Q: I'm thinking about getting a next-gen console, but I can only afford one system at a time. Should I sell my PS3 to get a discount on the PS4? from Jorge

  • Pat: No.
  • Liam: No.
  • Woolie: No.
  • Matt: Never sell a console that works.

Q: Favourite fighting game bosses? from Jonathan

  • Woolie: The King of Fighters bosses.
  • Pat: Igniz
  • Liam: Wolfgang Krauser

Q: What's your favourite lie-fact about Woolie is that you guys have come up with over the years? from Bellboy

  • Matt: Because Woolie killed that guy.
  • Liam: He can't read.
  • Pat: He can't read.
  • Woolie: Woolie is generally moist at all times.

Q: If you could be a hired goon for any Batman villain, who would you choose? from Andrew

  • Pat: Egghead
  • Matt: Calendar Man
  • Woolie: League of Shadows
  • Liam: Bane

Q: What is the best use of time travel as a plot point? from James

  • Woolie: Edge of Tomorrow!
  • Matt: Edge of Tomorrow!
  • Liam: Steins;Gate
  • Pat: Zero Escape

Q: You guys have mentioned how big and veiny your boners are for Trapped in an MMO tropes. I suggest you check out Yahtzee Croshaw's book, Mog World. from Chris

  • Liam: I have it, but I haven't read it.
  • Pat: I will read it after Liam does.

Q: Do you have any theories that are completely irrational, but scare you much more than they should? from James

  • Liam: I'm really terrified of getting stabbed in the eyes or belly button by a needle.
  • Pat: If I can hear my own heartbeat through my veins, I'll move wrong and my chest will explode.
  • Woolie: When I was younger, I was afraid that if I think about breathing, I'd have a hard time breathing.
  • Matt: If I'm in the car and talking about something, the car will crash because someone wasn't paying attention.

Q: What's your favourite New Game Plus? from Nicholas

  • Woolie: Chrono Trigger
  • Liam: Nier
  • Pat: Bayonetta
  • Matt: Tales of Symphonia

Q: If you could design a peripheral for a game or your franchise, what would it be? from Jew

  • Pat: Auto Blow 2
  • Liam: Auto Blow 2
  • Matt: Gunslinger Stratos
  • Woolie: A revised, practical and affordable Steel Battalion controller.

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Matt: The new Godzilla game.
  • Liam XBlaze and Edge of Tomorrow.
  • Woolie: Persona 4 Golden and JoJo's Bizarre Adventure: Steel Ball Run
  • Pat: Shovel Knight

Trivia Edit