SBFC 009

You Can't Have a Bath Without Candles

Show Notes 9
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Length 2:54:43
Date October 8, 2013
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“We're jumping bullets now!?” — Pat

SBFC 009: You Can't Have a Bath Without Candles is the ninth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

We don’t even know what Liam’s talking about at this point. Never the less, this week has us prattling on about the ongoing woes of the coming Xbox One and PS4 consoles, GTAV, Kill la Kill, and POKEMON OMG GET HYPE.
— Podcast description

Quotes Edit

You can’t take a bath without candles.
— Liam
That’s the name of this episode!
It makes me remember what if feels like to play video games.
— Liam on Wind Waker
I'm drawing dicks in the air!
— Pat
If you’re cynical enough, you can predict the future.
— Pat
In a world of 'there's no time', you have to call it the Xbone.
— Matt
“'There's increasing little value in going to a store', says Pat.
— Liam
Your mom should have kept you in, so you could start your life using Squarespace.
— Pat
We're jumping bullets now!?
— Pat
I play by candlelight.
— Liam
Everyone likes props when you can’t say their name.
— Pat
Charmander’s death screams haunt my nightmares!
— Pat

Letter Time Edit

Q: Deal breaker soundtracks: Has a soundtrack ever influenced a purchase decision? from Bjorn

  • Pat: Anything that Mitsuda touched.
  • Woolie: Michiru Yamane took me for a spin with her work in Skullgirls.
  • Matt: I’d have to like the game. If your decent game has Jake Kaufman, I’ll buy it.
  • Liam: Remember Me

Q: Pat, in regards to a theoretical live action EVA, would you like to see the original TV ending, or the two bullshit movies to give it a better ending? from J

  • Pat: The second one, but I’d rather there never be a live-action Evangelion. (Furthermore, Woolie and Pat consider the two movies to be good and the original ending to be inferior to said movies).

Q: Childhood garbage: What did you watch/play from your childhood that you later realised was garbage? from Louie

  • Pat: The X-Men Cartoon
  • Liam: Digimon Tamers
  • Woolie: Evanescence
  • Matt: The Dark Crystal

Q: What do you guys order on a pizza? from Alfred

  • Woolie, Matt, and Pat: Pinapple and Chicken
  • Liam: Barbeque, steak, mushrooms, and bacon, with extra cheese.

Q: Why do you think the general public likes the games that Quantic Dream puts out? from Michael

  • It’s an illusion. People usually play it once, running right through it and don’t usually realise what’s going on unless they go back and think.

Matt Watch Edit

This week, Matt was stalking Richard Delorio, who correctly guessed the name of his rats.