SBFC 066

You Won't get it unless you've seen “Too Many Cooks”

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Length 02:47:54
Date November 11, 2014
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“Only six hundred more until we get slammed by the church.” — Liam

You Won't get it unless you've seen “Too Many Cooks” is the sixty-sixth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

This week on the friendcast: Nintendo Direct, Karissagate, Overwatch, Amiibo and Driveclub.
— Podcast description

Quotes Edit

You weren't ready, but I was sent this way afterwards and I was ready, then I looked down and saw that I had like, nine minutes more minutes to go and I became un-ready.
— Pat
Only six hundred more until we get slammed by the church.
— Liam
Banana is the Vergil of the series.
— Pat
When we have our bigot parade....
— Matt
Okay, definitely confirmed not everything Ubisoft does on PC is garbage.
— Liam
Me and Liam agreeing on a hyper negative, that's how bad Sticker Star is.
— Pat
Incestous Nintendo.
— Woolie
I wonder what the name of this podcast is going to be.
— Liam
You discounted it and then came up with the idea independently, after discounting it!
— Pat, too Woolie on Resident Evil: Revelations 2
I can deal with ponderous bullshit.
— Pat

Letter Time Edit

Q: When does a quest stop being a quest and start being a mission? from Bru

  • Pat: A quest is a prolonged journey, a mission is "go do this thing".
  • Woolie: There's two levels of production. There will always be "sign up for this challenge mission" and then side quests that are better than the main missions.

Q: Can you explain the appeal of Deadly Premonition and Killer is Dead. from Zebe

  • Liam: They're niche and we appreciate that niche.
  • Pat: There's a certain obscure style. I just adore how weird it is. The novelty of experience is valuable.
  • Woolie: There is some charm in EDF-type games that are ghetto but great at being ghetto.

Q: Why are there no good co-op horror games? from Krimming

  • Pat: Because having someone next to you immediately decreases tension.
  • Liam: I think no one wants to, because their ideas don't fit that world.

Q: Two rounds or two life bars? from Elise York

  • Matt: Either or. I guess two rounds.
  • Pat: Two life bars is faster, but two rounds is better.
  • Woolie: Two rounds is more balanced.

Zaibatsu Watch Edit

  • Liam: *Tales of Hearts R* is coming out. I'm going to see *Interstellar* tonight.
  • Matt: I guess I'm going to buy *Assassin's Creed: Unity*.

Trivia Edit