SBFC 029

You can’t Rubber-fist because of Reasons

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Length 2:49:15
Date February 25, 2014
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“The amount of piss and vomit that’s been in the Stanley Cup is likely enormous.” — Pat

SBFC 029: You can’t Rubber-fist because of Reasons is the twenty-ninth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

We saw Robocop and discuss it! Irrational games on the outs, Atlus on the ins, Assassin’s Creed 5 on it’s way, and Fox News being Fox News. Correction: Harold Ramis has died.
— Podcast description


If Liam can’t tuck and roll, that’s his problem.
— Woolie
Are you in my mouth, reading my mind?
— Pat
I can’t rubber fist because of reasons. Isn’t that all our lives?
— Pat
You are being fought by the heavens.
— Pat
The amount of piss and vomit that’s been in the Stanley Cup is likely enormous.
— Pat
You wanna brush your teeth with the grime.
— Woolie
As usual, the Genesis wins again.
— Liam
Let’s see how far we can push Babby Mammoth.
— Pat
If I wanna treat your Nintendo game like booze and cigarettes, then fuck you, let me.
— Pat
They do are correct!
— Matt
I’ll make the distinguish!
— Pat
Everything fucks.
— Liam
No, you should put more rapists in games, BECAUSE YOU CAN PUNCH THEM!
— Pat
Cole slaw can go fuck itself, I'm done.
— Liam
We can either get three more questions, or exonerate you. Sorry fucker, the fans matter more.
— Pat
The genre is Jojo type.
— Liam
Kickstop Pat’s hair.
— Pat

Letter TimeEdit

Q: If you could have one weapon from the Devil May Cry series, what would it be? - from Alexander

  • Matt - Aquila
  • Pat - Beowolf
  • Woolie - Beowolf / Gilgamesh
  • Liam - Nevan

Q: Are there actually any fun mobile games that you enjoy playing? - from CazBot

  • Matt - Calculords
  • Pat - Super Hexagon
  • Woolie - Game Dev Story
  • Liam - Pajama Princess

Q: What has Liam hunted down and slaughtered this week, and what are they calling Woolie now? - from Ethan

  • Woolie - Woolie The Crier
  • Liam - Hunted down a Japanese curry and ate it.

Q: What is an example of a criminally under-bought game? - from Benjamin

  • Matt - Sin and Punishment 2
  • Pat - Okami
  • Woolie - N/A
  • Liam - Xenoblade in Japan

Q: If you were allowed to add one more fighter from the older Punch Outs to the Wii one, who would you pick? (Mike Tyson is exempt) - from Stephen

  • Matt - Masked Muscle
  • Pat - Gabby J.
  • Woolie - Nick Bruiser / Kid Quick
  • Liam - Pizza Pasta

Q: Have you ever taken a long amount of time to realize you hate something? - from Dawn

  • Matt - Fast food burgers
  • Pat - Kentucky Fried Chicken
  • Woolie - Cole Slaw

Q: Have you ever bum-rushed a show and regretted not taking your time? - from Scrams

  • Matt - N/A
  • Pat - No, but I regret catching up to Berserk and One Peice
  • Woolie - The Bourne Trilogy, Full Metal Panic
  • Liam - Clannad

Q: Who should be the next Kill La Kill figure? - from Chris

  • Pat - Gamagoori
  • Woolie - Blade Regalia Mk 3

Q: Have you seen the anime s-CRY-ed? - Xaivier

  • Woolie - Yes, it's similar to Jojo

Q: Who's the strongest human? Tien, Yamcha, or Krillin? - from Nyera

  • Pat - Tien
  • Woolie - Krillin, but the real answer is Uub

Q: What would your idea be for the perfect Berserk game? - from Tony

  • Matt and Pat - Revengeance but slower
  • Woolie - Action-strategy
  • Liam - Dragon's Dogma 2, call it Berserk

Q: Matt, which would you rather have? DSP and the VG Cats never put out content on the internet again, or Pat grows his hair back? - from Jonathan

  • Matt - I'd rather stop injustice than end something that's already okay.

Q: Is Killer Instinct worth the purchase of an Xbox One? - from Marnell

  • All - Try it somewhere first, and then make the decision.

Q: If you had to be murdered by a legendary, which would it be? - Self-submission from Woolie

  • Matt and Woolie - Moltres
  • Pat - Darkrai, because it sucks
  • Liam - Jirachi

Is Kill la Kill Still Great? Edit

[] Yes

[] No

[x] In Kamina City

Trivia Edit

  • The song used in the outro is "Run With Us" by "Lisa Lougheed", which was used as the end theme for The Raccoons.