SBFC 159

Your Vileage may Mary

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Length 3:33:11
Date Aug 22, 2016
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“I, Pat, am a tiny baby, especially the penis.” — Pat

Your Vileage may Mary is the one-hundred and fifty-ninth episode of the Super Best Friendcast.

About Edit

In which we have some words for Konami about Metal Gear Survive, and spoilercast Stranger Things towards the end.
— Website description


We rolled a d20 on this podcast.
— Pat
You too can be a patronizing dwarf like Pat.
— Liam
I, Pat, am a tiny baby, especially the penis.
— Pat
My bancho days are behind me.
— Matt
I hate it when I get super, hard-ass butter at a restaurant and it's unspreadable, and I wanna spit in the waitress' face.
— Matt
You take the power back by flaying a CEO.
— Matt

Letter Time Edit

Q: Can you think of any mini-games that were better than the actual games they were in? from Woolie (stolen from the Destructiod Podcast)

  • Pat: Geometry Wars in Project Gotham Racing 3
  • Woolie: Triple Triad, Bumper Balls in Mario Party, dog fighting in Super Monkey Ball
  • Liam: Geometry Wars in Project Gotham Racing 3, battle mode in Mario Kart 64

Q: How relevant will pixel art be in the future? from Mike Afrawr(?)

  • Matt: Going in waves is an accurate way to view it.
  • Pat: It'll always be a viable choice, but the waves will be nostalgia.
  • Woolie: Just being an appeal to nostalgia isn't enough.
  • Liam: You need a good design. Don't do it just to be retro, it needs to have good design.

Q: Do you leave your butter out or do you keep it in the fridge like a savage? from Ken

  • Matt: I keep it in the fridge, but I take it out to thaw before I use it.
  • Pat: Same as Matt.
  • Woolie: I rarely buy butter.
  • Liam: I leave it on the counter.

Q: Should Nier; Automata have encounter ranks like other Platinum Games? from Chris

  • Pat and Liam: I don't think it should. It should have repeatable side quests and a battle arena where those things apply, but overall it's not that kind of game.

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